Labs Infrastructure

The creation of the infrastructure that support our labs have included a multidisciplinary work from different perspectives:

  • Equipment. Different equipment has been included in our infrastructure to allow our students perform many different kind of experiments: Electronic Lab from National Instruments, Fluids Lab from FESTO, a Motorola 68000 Microprocessor with a board with I/O peripherics, a Xilinx Spantan FPGA, and a PIC toolkit.
  • Software. Several Web Servers are installed in our infrastructure to put our experiments on-line. Currently, we are using Apache and IIS.
  • Server. We have optimized our infrastructure to support all our experiment with the minimum number of servers.
  • Networking. Our infrastructure has been optimized to minimized  the use of public IP.
  • Video streaming. Most of our Labs offers real-time images from a WebCam. These cams foster the feeling of using real equipment.

The following figure illustrate one of our racks of labs. This rack contains the microelectronics labs (FPGA, PIC and Microprocessor).