VISIR – Electronics Remote Lab

The VISIR software is an open source to catalyzedevelopers to work on its improvement. Alongside withthe implementation in the practice, the department decided to work on its development and integration with other outstanding learning technologies and research areas inwhich the department is currently researching with the aim of improving and enriching distance education. Forinstance, learning management system (LMS), fingerprinting for authentication in LMS, mobile learning,remote laboratories, web services, etc.

UNED is an active member in the VISIR community by sharing its lab resources and experiments with the rest of the community to enhance the experimentation skills in the electric and electronic engineering fields. In addition, it aims to bring out satisfactory results with respect to thepractice as well as the research areas directed to the enhancement of the quality level in distance education. The students could do their practiceswithout any time delay problems (at real-time). Many ofthem revealed that they would like to continue using thissystem in the electronic circuit practices of their technicalcareer and after passing a survey, it was realized that theyenjoyed the experience and they are motivated to repeat itin other subjects.

One important objective of the VISIR project is tocreate a lab community consisting of all the participantuniversities and organizations. Consequently, it would bepossible to create a grid laboratory where the nodes areonline lab workbenches distributed among thoseuniversities. This would allow sharing lab recourses andsharing online workbenches. At the same time, it wouldallow the project development. The first approach towardsthe community concept was the Special Interest Group of VISIR (SIG VISIR) created by the InternationalAssociation of Online Engineering (IAOE).

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So far, six universities have already implemented aVISIR after Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and FH CampusWien University of applied sciences, both in Austria,Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP) inPortugal. University of Deusto and Spanish University forDistance Education (UNED), both in Spain, IndianInstitute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) in India.

Access to VISIR – A Remote Lab for Analogic Electronics