Virtual, Deferred and Remote Labs (VIDERE)

Our research effort on Virtual and Remote Labs allow our students to remotely experiment with real equipment. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of UNED has created a complex infrastructure to provide the better experience to our Labs users.


VIDERE (Virtual, Deferred and Remote Labs for disrupting on-line technical education) labs are a set of laboratories to foster digital electronics and microcontroller programming online learning in a disruptive way. The developed labs include 184 virtual labs, 5 deferred remote labs and 3 remote labs.

The virtual labs are HTML5 responsive and interactive animations about 184 different circuits of digital electronics and one of microprocessor architecture. The deferred labs are pre-recorded videos of a real remote lab of Arduino that are played depending on the student code. The remote labs provide an on-line editor and a webcam to check the result of the execution of the student code in the Arduino board. Among the experiments developed in this remote lab are a 3D LED cube, a robotic arm and a sensors lab.


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