Investigation in social interaction between humans and robots and it aplication to: industry, ill and ederly, children, entertainment and in the military sector

Work Final Master by Javier Nuñez Lopez, presented at July of 2014.

This Master’s Dissertation has been conducted in the National University of Distance Education’s Department of Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering.

Robotics is a potential sector with many possibilities and a thriving future supporting humans. Many factors as technology low prices and the rise of open-source hardware and software, with a large and active community behind them, makes robotics present as an inflexion point that is worth reviewing. In this work, the state of the art in robotics, going deep in social interaction between human and robots, is developed. It also analyses open-software and open-hardware tools for designing robots. With these two points settled, a software and hardware modeling is proposed to design a hypothetical robot in the following environments: industrial, ill and aged people, education, entertainment and in the military sector.

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