Robotics based on FPGA for Educational purposes

Work Final Master by Pedro Plaza Merino, presented at 7th October of 2013.

This Master’s Dissertation has been conducted in the National University of Distance Education’s Department of Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering. The aim of this Dissertation is to develop a robotic system controlled with an FPGA for its use in Remote Scientific Laboratories, specifically as part of the Go-Lab Project.

Techno Museum initiative arises from the Go-Lab Project, the technology at the service of the humanity. In November 2011 a group of engineering and professors decided to go for the disclosure and use of technology. Its aim is the integration of practical training developed in the laboratories with open social platforms and web technologies. This applied to the context of primary and secondary education.

The state of the art of the robotics has contributions either by private companies and by individuals, as well as FPGA based systems. In robotics there are very different fields: industrial, healthcare, educational and even hobby. Data which is common in the FPGA-based systems, since in recent years more and more sectors including such devices in their products.

To date, it is very often to find control systems based on microcontrollers because of its easy accessibility and its simplicity which does not require great knowledge. Meanwhile, the electronic design using FPGA requires knowledge about these devices, knowledge of languages used for programming and the use of specific tools developed by its manufacturers.
Hence, it has proposed a control system based on FPGA which manages a humanoid robot with servos. This system exchanges information with a PC interface acting between the user and the control system. Bluetooth interface is used, contributing with more movement freedom because the robot is released of physical wired connections.

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