UNX: Enterpreneurship through Mobile Apps Development

unX is a Entrepreneurship colaborative learning Community based on disruptive methodologies of virtual open education that are highly flexible and adaptable to the new digital environment. unX is aimed at creating the first digital entrepreneurship community in Ibero-America.


Trends in Education are moving towards global openness and accessibility through new learning environments, networks and tools. The Internet and social networks have thus become key drivers in educational innovation. In this context, unX Entrepreneurship Community, initially promoted by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the National Distance Learning University (UNED), the Centre for Virtual Education (CSEV), Telefónica, Universia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), intends to provide a quick and innovative response to the new needs in higher education and certification of new skills and knowledge acquire in informal learning platforms.
At unX Entrepreneurship Community all Ibero-American universities will be able to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) to train large groups of people and experiment with avant-garde digital tools, aiming at fostering lifelong learning and vocational training.In order to meet these objectives, unX will experiment with:

  1. MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses. These are completely open courses on unX web portal complemented with social collaboration tools.
  2. Social and P2P learning: These learning models are based on knowledge acquired in the community from the individuals participating in the learning process as “pairs”. Knowledge is gained by exchanging ideas and experiences between the participants, and tutors have a dynamising and accompanying role, rather than be transmitters. Roles are exchanged continuously.
  3. Innovative training methods through LMS or e-Learning platforms: unX will enable the experimentation with the most innovative LMS’s features with the aim of innovating in functionalities that go beyond user management, forums and distribution of content. unX platform will stress on learning analytics innovation for MOOCs.
  4. OERs: unX contents will be fundamentally based on Open Educational Resources (OERs). There are already some interesting models implemented, such us MIT OCW, that are seen as world trend with a huge potential. In this sense, unX and its different agents will experiment with different models of OERs use and integration to explore all their potentialities.
  5. Challenge/game-based methodology: The contents and activities of unX open courses will be presented in the form of challenges, so that students will participate in a practical and entertaining way as a motivation for learning. The challenges compliance will be recognised by badges.
  6. New online accreditation and certification systems: Online accreditation and its journey to formal academic certification is another field in which unX will innovate. unX will develop and experiment with an online badge-based accreditation system and different evolution models towards formal certification by universities.

The first course created by DIEEC to the platform was a mobile development course based on App Inventor with the intention to allow anyone create their own mobile applications. This are some of the videos created within the course: