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Technologies Survey years - Votes(%)
N=2637 votes
N=1854 votes
N=1317 votes
N=1125 votes
N=243 votes
N=24 votes
3D printing--4.028.3613.17-
Augmented Reality for Learning8.274.643.803.025.35-
Cloud computing3.536.536.616.494.124.17
Digital accreditations (badges, free and paid digital diplomas)--1.751.241.65-
Digital whiteboards2.24-----
E-books and digital libraries9.4811.388.358.187.004.17
E-learning Platforms and Architectures12.3612.8411.169.698.648.33
Games & Virtual Worlds to foster student's engagement and motivation7.173.994.863.563.29-
Gesture-based computing-0.700.680.80--
Intelligent tutoring system---4.715.76-
Interactive video lectures and video conferencing9.227.125.545.785.3512.50
Learning analytics and semantic web-3.724.022.312.888.33
Learning Objects reusability and digital repositories5.423.883.262.762.47-
Massive Open Online Courses--7.976.585.768.33
Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies for Learning (including Smartphones and iPad)10.7710.467.597.029.478.33
Open Source, Open Standards, and Federated Systems3.875.723.804.092.474.17
P2P online assessment--1.140.891.23-
Remote labs-5.885.695.609.478.33
Semantic Web and Ontologies for Learning Systems2.09-----
Simulators, and Virtual and Remote Labs15.85-----
Standardization, Reusability and Interoperability Issues2.16-----
Virtual labs-7.506.996.314.9412.50
Web 2.0 tools and social networks for learning (podcasting, wikis, blogs, microblogs, bookmarking, tagging, etc.)7.587.235.774.712.068.33
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